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Bear hounds, like deer hounds, are usually a type of scenting and trailing dog, but they can be any hunting dog that will jump and trail game.  The most America in the early 1800s, when a German settler named Plott settled in Tennessee in the Smokey mountains. Plott brought with him a pack of hounds that were famous in Germany for their tenacity, courage and drive.  

Bear hounds are important for a successful bear hunt.  In a study conducted by the university of Arkansas the success rate to tree bear was  30%, and in 
another study done by R. Bradford Allen of the Maine department of inland 
fisheries and wildlife the success ratio to tree bear with a pack of well-trained dogs was 33%.

Nuisance bear management often employs hound hunters, as bait only attracts additional bears.  Hounds target specific nuisance bears, which can then be dealt with individually.  With the growing bear population, it is important to have well trained and seasoned bear dogs.

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