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Curs were developed in the southern United States as an all purpose working ranch and farm dog.  They were developed and are still used to work livestock, hunt feral hogs, raccoons, large game and pretty much anything that can be treed or will come to bay.  They are also becoming more popular as deer dogs and wounded game recovery dogs since they have excellent ground scenting abilities, but tend to be less shorter range than hounds.  A cur is defined by it's working style and all cur breeds work in a similar fashion by ground tracking, wind scenting, and by sighting their prey.  Breeds of Cur include:

                                                       Black Mouth Cur
                                                            Blue Lacy
                                                         Canadian Cur
                                                        Catahoula Cur
                                                     Kemmer Stock Cur
                                                          Leopard Cur
                                                         Mountain Cur
                                                           Treeing Cur

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